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Well Pets Veterinary Clinic and After Hours Urgent Care accepts CareCredit, a third party medical expense credit card. The application process takes minutes and once approved you will be provided with an account number you can use immediately along with two forms of identification (typically a driver's license and another form of identification with your legal name, such as a credit card).

Please note that due to the terms of service of CareCredit provides to all of their cardholders, Well Pets can only accept CareCredit payment from the person whose name the card is in. If that person is unable to be physically present in the clinic, they may pay online via the Pay My Provider link below. Simply click the green link, fill out your account information, and the invoice information as provided by a member of Well Pets' team.

If the CareCredit cardholder cannot be present in the clinic and cannot access the Pay My Provider form, they may contact CareCredit and have another person added to their card as an authorized user. This person must have two forms of identification (a driver's license and another form of identification with their legal name, such as a credit card) in order to use the card in person at the clinic.