Continuous Heartworm Protection for 6 Months!

September 13, 2016


South Carolina is one of the top ten states for heartworm disease, and heartworm infection can happen ANY time of year. Fortunately, heartworms are easily prevented. Protecting our pets from this deadly parasite is absolutely necessary, and for dogs, there is a safe, easy injection that offerscontinuous protection for 6 months.

Even the most dedicated of pet owners can forget to give a dose of monthly preventative at the right time, and those missed or delayed doses can put your dog at risk for infection. With 1 quick injection, you’ll have 6 months of peace of mind. And remembering the next dose is simple, as we will send you a reminder before the it is due. This preventative also comes with a complimentary dose of dewormer to protect your pet from roundworms and hookworms, intestinal parasites they can pick up from their environment. In conjunction with annual heartworm testing and a thorough physical examination by one of our veterinarians, we can protect your pet from this preventable disease, ensure their optimal health, and give you peace of mind. Paired with a chewable tablet that offers 12 weeks of flea and tick prevention, you have the option to no longer worry about monthly parasite prevention!

Call or text us at (803)732-3883 today to schedule your dog for safe, reliable heartworm protection and give yourself peace of mind!

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