FAQ: Why Yearly Heartworm Testing?

September 13, 2016

Why does my dog need yearly heartworm testing? 


The American Heartworm Society states that heartworm tests should be done yearly. This is a safeguard in case of missed or late doses, and also confirms that the heartworm preventative is working as prescribed. Certain preventatives are unsafe to give if the dog is positive, so yearly testing is needed to ensure that it is safe to continue administration of those preventatives. 


Does my pet need to be on prevention year round?


YES! South Carolina is one of the top ten states for heartworm infection, and due to our mild winters, a bite from an infected mosquito can happen at ANY TIME.


I have never missed a dose, can I waive a test?

Well Pets Veterinary Clinic adheres to the American Heartworm Society guidelines, and requires yearly testing even if the patient has regularly received preventative, for the reasons stated above. 




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