Thankful for Senior Pets: Jennifer and Guido

November 8, 2017

For the month of November, we will be highlighting the incredible bond our team members have with their senior pets. Senior pet care can be challenging, but is also full of incredible milestones and a time where the bond between animal and person grows deeper and more meaningful. 


How long have you had Guido?
I've had him for 15 years, since he was a few weeks old! 


What do you like about caring for Guido in his senior years?

Since we've been together for so long, we have such a routine and know each other well and our very set in our ways. 


What's the same as when we was younger?
Guido still loves foods and still likes to do tricks for treats. And he still doesn't like to be combed or have his nails trimmed (some things never change!). 

What challenges have you faced?

His housetraining has suffered due to medications and cognitive decline. I also had to make some changes in our household due to his decreased mobility. 


How do you and Guido have fun? 

Guido likes to play stick, splash in shallow water, and play Xbox with me. He's not very good at the last thing. 


Have you had to make any adjustments with feeding, sleep, or exercise? Were these adjustments difficult or easy?

He prefers to be handfed. Some days he is more fitful and restless and sleeps less. But mostly he's the same as when he was younger.


What have been the unexpected joys?

Since I know him so well from having him since he was a puppy, I am able to identify health and behavioral changes very early and have them addressed quickly before they became severe. And after 15 years, we have an incredible bond. 


Do you have questions about caring for your senior pet? Call or text us at 803.732.3883 and a member of our team will be happy to guide you through the next steps to helping your senior live their best life in their golden years. 

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