The Benefits of a Yearly Exam and Labwork for Your Cat

One of the single most important things that you can do for your cat is to bring them in for an annual physical exam. Cats often hide disease until it has become severe, sometimes too severe for treatment to be effective. The earlier that disease can be detected, the better the chance for 

successful therapy. Your veterinarian will assess findings such as weight loss, inappropriate 

urination, increased water consumption, symptoms that can indicate underlying and sometimes serious problems. Annual exams also allow your veterinarian to check for parasites, dental disease, labwork, and grooming needs. Cats are experts at hiding illness and annual labwork gives us a glimpse of what is going on inside your cat, which helps identify problems before they worsen. 


Staff Testimonial from Marie: Yearly Labwork 


While annual labwork is an expense I have to prepare for every year as my cat's annuals come up, it has saved their lives and thus is worth every penny. 

Labwork performed at my cat Reisling's annual indicated he had concentrated urine with a high presence of crystals. By starting him on a wet food diet and adding water foun

tains to our household we were able to prevent future problems like urinary obstruction and kidney issues, issues that can be costly to treat and even fatal. 



Annual labwork is an up-front expense, but it is definitely a case of an ounce of prevention being worth of a pound of cure. Cats are great at hiding health issues and it gives me peace of mind that I have done all I can every year to check what's going on inside that I'm not able to see.

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